December 2013

Well, it’s been an amazingly busy couple of months! All kinds of exciting new projects have come along in a rush.

I have been working on a number of album covers for various artists, among them Anthropocène, a superb emerging French-Canadian rap duo who bring a unique melodic twist and intelligent lyrics to the genre, and Jedi Bomb Squad Alumni, a punk/hip hop side project of US musician Alex Pauken, whose dark and dry sense of humour makes him a treat to work with!

Exciting project number two is a series of character sketches, some graphics and poster design for Sleepy Hollow the Musical, which is at present gathering financial backers with a view to launching it on Broadway. There are some incredibly talented people involved and I feel very privileged to be included!

The third exciting project which I’ve recently begun is an interactive book on Kindle, ‘Witchcraft’, the story of a teenager from a world of magic, who moves to the everyday modern world and begins to settle down, go to school and make friends, only to find that a powerful dark wizard has followed the family into our world. The hero’s (or heroine’s – your choice) mother is kidnapped by the evil wizard, leading to battles and journeys between the worlds accompanied by a faithful sidekick, over the course of a trilogy. So far I have completed the cover, and the next five illustrations will be coming soon. I’ve been promised goblins and dragons later, hooray!

As though that weren’t enough, along came exciting project number four, and how exciting and projecty it is! I have been approached about co-authoring a beginner’s book on drawing people, aimed at ages 5 and up. It will be a simple educational book come workbook, with simple characters for the child or learner to practice drawing, and blank pages included for drawing on. It will be published as both a hard copy and an ebook, with the possibility of sequels later if it’s a success.

There are also various smaller projects in the pipeline – producing an illustration for a printed canvas fingerprint tree for weddings for a firm in Canada, a book cover for a lady who does holistic therapy and chakra balancing in Australia, and a series of podcast and social media images for the lovely Sol Danmeri, a holistic therapist and meditation and wellbeing specialist based in Derbyshire.

All in all, I’m a very busy Cat all of a sudden! I am rather torn between delight at so many wonderful opportunities, and thinking wistfully of a lull so I can have a few days off over Christmas (which has crept up on me unawares and unprepared, as usual!).

I would like to wish all of you a perfect Christmas, peaceful and full of good things, and a bright and hopeful New Year. xXx

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