Meet the artist…

I have always loved all forms of art and design. I grew up in West Sussex, and was fortunate in having very artistic parents – my mother is an illustrator and art teacher, now retired, and my father is a garden designer. I formed the ambition of becoming an artist very early on, and still feel the same passion and excitement in my work that fired my imagination when I was a child. In 1999 I went to Cornwall and took an honours degree in Illustration, then moved to Devon after I graduated, where I spent some years working as a freelance designer, doing everything from painting pub signs to designing websites, and from illustrating children’s books to making jewellery.

I now live in Minehead in Somerset with my partner, composer Jon Richards. I have finally come to the realisation that to get anywhere as an artist you have to follow your heart. It sounds like a terrible cliché, but it\’s quite true – if you have belief and passion in your work, and put love and energy into it, then it shows in the pieces you create. Jon\’s music is a constant source of inspiration to me – you can hear some samples of his latest album, Tibetan Spirit, here.

We live in a wonderful part of the country, near the sea, steeped in history and surrounded by woods and hills. I have always had a fascination with woodland and the beings which may or may not be living there, and this lifelong wonder and mystery is another recurring theme in my work.