January 2014

Still here and still busy! The JBSA album cover is finished. I have also completed a surprising number of illustrations for various independent projects, among them a holistic book cover, an antique style botanic drawing for a label for yacon syrup, and several drawings of a glamour model – well they say variety is the … Read more

December 2013

Well, it’s been an amazingly busy couple of months! All kinds of exciting new projects have come along in a rush. I have been working on a number of album covers for various artists, among them Anthropocène, a superb emerging French-Canadian rap duo who bring a unique melodic twist and intelligent lyrics to the genre, … Read more

Jedi Bomb Squad Alumni

Artwork for JBSA, a punk project of American artist Alex Pauken. The design is based on one of the track titles, ‘The Abraham Lincoln Time Machine’. It’s a pleasure to work with someone with his dry sense of humour and creative imagination. The original idea was for a dark sinister cover featuring dolls, but a … Read more