February 2014

This month I spent a lot of time working on an exciting digital painting – a poster for a prospective film based on the story of Okomfo Anokye, the legendary king from Ghana who, like Merlin, drove a sword into the ground which nobody could pull free – unlike Merlin, Anokye was definitely a historical figure and the immovable sword is actually still there. He is believed to have known the secret of immortality, and the film surrounds a secret society trying to discover it. There are scientists and a 17th century spy in it too, it sounds fun! Other projects included the cover for Tristan Starchild’s new single ‘Black Out’, the completion of the sleeve and disc artwork for JBSA, and a little illustration of a small boy dressed up to the nines, entitled, ‘Imagination is Intelligence Having Fun’, which was a big change from dramatic posters and album covers!

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