March 2014

Wow, what a busy month! Loads of exciting commissions ths month, starting with a new design for the back patch for the USI Ghost Riders (Unlimited Supernatural Investigations), an American group of bikers who are also paranormal investigators – what an awesome combination! Hopefully I’ll be able to get some photos to post up when the patches are made.

I will just touch on a couple of the pieces I’ve worked on this month…

I was delighted to be asked to produce a character concept illustration of the main character for a forthcoming sci-fi TV series, somewhere between Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek – a young female commander and ace pilot, lively, adventurous and enthusiastic (rather like Starbuck but without the chip on her shoulder!). I designed the dress uniform with a view to practicality as well as style, and the figure is based on the actress who will hopefully be playing the role. The picture is intended, amongst other things, to be inspiration for the script writers, who are still in the process of writing dialogue. Best wishes to all the team – So say we all!

Another highlight for me this month was illustrating the cover for the hardback edition of Vanessa Winter’s new book ‘Strength of Love’, the first book in the Golden Heart series, an epic fantasy love story set in a post-apocalyptic world where mages control the elements and the lead character has a long journey ahead of her. This was a delight, Vanessa is lovely to work with, and there are further illustrations in the pipeline!

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