Fine Art Portfolio

Welcome to my fine art gallery. Here you will find a selection of my newer work.

All the pieces are mixed media collage – I work on canvas or board, using reclaimed and recycled materials as far as possible. The pictures are built up in layers, and virtually every element has meaning.

Here are some of the things I love to incorporate, and which you can find if you look deeper into my pictures.
– Graphite rubbings of stone or tree bark, to forge a link between a real place and my representation.
– Monotype prints taken from real foliage.
– Stencils made from microscope images of plant cell structure.
– Maps, which, for me, evoke a sense of the wider world or a reminder of distances travelled.
– Musical notation – a reminder that there is music and sound everywhere in nature, and while I can’t recreate it in a painting, I can at least hint at it.
– Discarded paper and ephemera, many of which are often overlooked, such as used envelopes, paper bags or left-over serviettes. One of the things I hope to achieve with my work is to draw attention to the little, interesting or beautiful things which are easily missed or taken for granted, in the hope that it leads to more wonder and appreciation of the world around us, and less waste of things which have a story to tell or a quiet value of their own.